Sunday, September 26, 2010

In a nutshell... this is what I have been dealing with.

19. Emotional Abuse. He may ignore your feelings, continually criticize you and call you names like "fat, ugly, stupid" curse and yell at you, belittle your accomplishments, manipulate you with lies, contradictions, and crazy-making tactics, humiliate you in private or public, regularly threaten to leave or tell you to leave, keep you awake or wake you up to argue or verbally abuse you.

 12. Blames Others for His Feelings or Problems. Believes others are out to get him and he's the victim. Blames you for everything that goes wrong. Will say "You make me mad," "You make me happy," "I can't help getting angry" to manipulate you. Holds you responsible for his suicidal or self-abusive behavior.

13. Hypersensitivity. Quick temper, unable to handle frustration without getting angry, easily insulted. Will "rant and rave" about minor things like traffic tickets or request to d.

GrantedII am sure I have my own issues but I don't have an issue with anyone else and have not had this situation in the past. My ex was not like this - not to this extent thats for sure. I was just unhappy. This relationship is different. (I found a long list of similar things through google).

I can never tell him how I think he is. He will never agree and will blame me regardless. This will never be something he can admit and resolve within himself. I am wondering if my sister in law agrees with me on this one... I suspect she would from our prior conversations.   o chores.

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