Saturday, September 25, 2010

Control Freak!!

OMG he is such a control freak! He has to know EVERYTHING about ANYTHING that goes on in this house! WTF he does not even pay the rent and is not even on the frickin' lease and he does not want to be here! So why does he care?

My sister and I mowed the lawn out the back yesterday...with a hedge trimmer... PMSL

He demanded for ages to know who did it. I was evasive, did not tell him. Told him I did it. Did not tell him how. Boy was he not happy. I could hear him fuming from INSIDE the house! Eventually he came back inside and asked again how the lawn got mowed. Such an inside the box attitude. Assuming it was a lawn mower when I have no money and no lawn mower.

Eventually I told him I did it with a hedge trimmer. He could not even figure that out - I had to remind him there was one in the garage.

Oh we also had another conversation this morning - or rather he yelled at me about. Details aside cause they are petty and not interesting, I reminded him that he cannot stay here for months on end cause centrelink will cut my benefits and that in 2 months time we were being reviewed and if he was not out of the house by that time, my benefits would be cut.

He was not happy.

He made his bed he can lie in it. So much for being a happy blog. Its already on a downer. On the plus side I have not yelled, I have been patient (some may say too patient) and i have been honest. He needs to leave. End of story. Fuck in most relationships he would have to leave as soon as he ended it. What makes him think he can hang around is the kids. Thats the only thing.

It should be simple. You don't want to be with me? You are not taking the kids cause lets face it I have been the primary caregiver since their birth. So get the fuck out. Take your shit and leave me to get on with our lives... but its not. There are lack of funds cause of HIS needs. His addictions. His inability to save and not spend heaps every day. At least I can put a time frame on it. We will be reviewed on the 14th of November. If things have not changed benefits will be cut. Its that simple.

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